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Reflexology Lymph Drainage and Aromareflex

Reflexology Lymph Drainage
RLD is a specific reflexology technique which has been developed to support the lymph system with its function of moving excess fluid from the tissues into the circulation where it can be eliminated from the body. Sally Kay devloped the therapy while working in cancer care and has conducted research in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University supporting her theory that RLD may have a positive effect in reducing the swelling in lymphoedema patients. click image (to the left) to access the RLD website.

Lymphoedema can be caused by genetics (primary lymphoedema) and also by damage to or removal of lymph tissues, (secondary lymphoedema) often during cancer treatment .

Lymphoedema cannot be 'cured' but RLD has been shown in studies* to support the body in eliminating excess fluid, easing discomfort and reducing the negative symptoms associated with this condition.

Sally has vast clinical experience and a body of case studies suggesting the techniques are beneficial and those receiving RLD report a hugely positive experience, with reduced pain and discomfort, better range of movement, feeling of lightness and a return to more 'normal' function.

I attended Sally’s RLD training in April 2019 and I now use RLD techniques frequently in my reflexology sessions. RLD can support many other conditions as well as lymphoedema.

*The effect of reflexology on secondary lymphodema of the arm 'I feel like I've got my arm back' - Kay.S, Whatley.J, Harris.P, (2011) Cardiff Metropolitan University

Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers, trees and fruit to promote health and wellbeing of the mind, body and spirit.

As well as smelling gorgeous, the oils are therapeutic due to their individual chemical make up so can be used as a complementary treatment for health issues and concerns.

Most people know that lavender essential oil is great for relaxation but may not be aware that certain oils can be used to aid and balance each of the body systems, enhancing the effects of a reflexology treatment.

I am qualified to use a variety of oils and incorporate these in my treatments – which are tailored individually to the client’s needs.

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